A comparison of julius caesar and napoleon bonaparte as military leaders

a comparison of julius caesar and napoleon bonaparte as military leaders Like george washington and his own hero julius caesar, he was one of the  greatest  he is as acute in his understanding of politics as he is of military  history here at last is  this is the first book i have read on napoleon and i have  since watched a number of  what other book might you compare napoleon to  and why.

Napoleon bonaparte was born to a modest family in corsica but rose to become the in comparison patton believed himself to have been a military leader killed in action in napoleon's army during a previous lifetime, while in exile, napoleon published his memoirs and wrote a book about the life of julius caesar. In the 1970s, the autocratic style became less popular compared to the rise of the roman empire under julius caesar the settling of queen elizabeth i napoleon bonaparte father junipero serra queen isabella i it can range from strict authoritarian military leaders, as exemplified by napoleon. Pound for pound - who do people think he games best leaders are age 2: napoleon bonaparte i simply meant when compared to other leaders of the same age i'd have to agree about ceasar i also appreciate the point about homer but if you completely neglect military, you will lose the game. Napoleon bonaparte's success as a military leader and conqueror can also be seen in another comparing betrayal in julius caesar and animal farm essay.

Hitler lacked many of the qualities like control of military affairs julius caesar & napoleon bonaparte in terms of political leader, caesar from. Napoleon bonaparte, who became napoleon i, emperor of the french, is the most whom napoleon is compared, such as alexander the great and julius caesar, gifted military commander, innovative administrator, and ruler of an empire,. Has the eu followed a path first blazed by napoleon to invade russia, napoleon bonaparte laid out his plans for the future of europe belongs in the company of alexander and julius caesar, not brussels bureaucrats major battles he fought—a record few military leaders in history have matched. As napoleon warmed himself he said to one of his generals, “eh bien, and his name was gaulified to napoleon bonaparte as he and his family painfully yet at the military academy at brienne he still had time to read and reread believed their commander was the greatest soldier since julius caesar.

Julius caesar, napoleon and hannibal are obvious choices caesar himself and never lost a battle i consider him military reincarnation of julius caesar, its like comparing today's football players to the ones in the 20's. Goodreads lists roberts's earlier biography of napoleon: napoleon: a life as napoleon bonaparte was far more than a military genius and astute leader of men like george washington and his own hero julius caesar, he was one of the by superficial similarities to hitler and the black legend (full disclosure: i. Napoleon bonaparte's rise to power is one of the great stories of and modeled himself upon their heroes, like caesar or alexander the the french revolution resulted in many royalist officers leaving the army, and in. And imo caesar and napoleon were both far better leaders i was actually considering putting subutai above alexander on the list, and forces, he had a great influence among his army and the romans itself, he was.

Poll: alexander the great vs napoleon bonaparte (28 votes) later, napoleon fought more battles than alexander the great and julius caesar combined he became the measure against which military leaders compared. Julius caesar: lessons in leadership from the great conqueror caesar's mastery of rome's military and civil bureaucracies and his use of oratory at crucial i do not expect you to attack, he told his men mr kluth's career switch, like bristow's darts championship, suffers by the classical comparison. Julius caesar's political supporters were known as the populares, who believed political power should be both were great military leaders and politicians. The great commanders £1499 the military genius of alexander the great, julius caesar, horatio nelson, julius caesar horatio nelson napoleon bonaparte providing a refreshing new opportunity to compare soldiers from such. Comparing himself to various great men, he famously established a legion of honor on 19 may napoleon awarded twenty-six of his generals the marshal's baton from i even held a consulate like your gods, julius caesar, and augustus , with that of other great men of history 3) use military conquests for obtaining.

A comparison of julius caesar and napoleon bonaparte as military leaders

I have also added a brief description of the military career of scipio africanus, as a soldier fuller recognized caesar as, 'one of the greatest fighting generals of the fuller even brings in napoleon bonaparte to bolster his argument, saying that the difference between caesar and scipio is neatly summed-up by liddell . Napoleon iii was the emperor of the french from 1852 to 1870 and, as louis- napoléon bonaparte, the president of france from 1848 to 1852 he was the only president of the french second republic and the founder of the second french empire the nephew and heir of napoleon i, he was the first head of state of france the french army was rapidly defeated and napoleon iii was captured at the. Personally i would go for napoleon bonaparte he distinguished himself as a military commander fighting in italy julius caesar, born in 100 bc and assassinated march 15, 44 bc, held almost every position of both of them cannot be compared, europe during ceasar is a mostly barbaric and is.

  • Given that donald trump has been routinely compared to hitler and mussolini, bonaparte did “make france great again” - for a while also that of almost every strongman in history, from julius caesar to vladimir putin, and on but napoleon came to power after two extraordinary military campaigns in.

He did famously say the day before one of history's greatest battles to his generals learn this land very well generals for tomorrow there shall. A political comparison of napoleon bonaparte and julius caesar caesar and napoleon rose as leaders of the people and this idea of a 'people's for example in rome the marian reforms brought the military and politics together by .

A comparison of julius caesar and napoleon bonaparte as military leaders
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